Glossary of Terms

When you begin exploring, you’ll come across some common web hosting and web authoring terms. For more details and definitions explore the buffscreate glossary.

Administrator account

Each time you install an application or service, such as wordpress or scalar, you’ll be assigned an administrator account for that instance. Forgot your username or password? Log-in to the buffscreate dashboard, choose my applications, and use the admin link or view details to discover or reset.


A copy of your site. Reclaim Hosting holds onto nightly backups of all user accounts for thirty days. Learn more about backups.


The cPanel, or control panel, is your landing page for BuffsCreate that lets you easily access and manage the files and applications of your account. You can see your active domains and personal account information at a glance from the cPAnel.


Domain Name System. The networking system that allows us to resolve human-friendly names to unique web addresses. Learn more about DNS Terminology.

Domain name

A human-readable name that is used to identify an internet resource. Such as: or

Domain mapping

Domain mapping, simply put, is deciding where visitors should be directed when they visit various pieces of your website. Domains and subdomains can be mapped directly to folders located within your webhosting account, where you may have installed WordPress, Omeka, MediaWiki, or other web applications. Domains and subdomains can also be mapped to some third-party providers.


The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) is a federal law that protects the privacy of student education records. Learn more at CU Boulder FERPA information.


File Transfer Protocol is a method that allows you to remotely move files to a Web server from another location – usually your local/personal computer.


A host refers to a computer connected to the internet. Hosting services (like reclaim hosting) provide space on a server that individuals may lease.


The script installer that is part of the BuffsCreate cPanel, which allows you to easily install Web applications to your Web space.

LAMP server

The environment that buffscreate runs on: Linux (operating system), Apache (Web server), MySQL (database server), PHP/PERL/PYTHON (programming language.)


When you are ready to leave CU Boulder, you’ll have the option to take your digital space with you. Migration in this context refers to moving your domain to an individually-owned hosting account.

Open Source

Software, code, or product that is freely available to use, remix, or build-upon.

Reclaim Hosting

The hosting provider that powers Founded in 2013, Reclaim Hosting works with educators and institutions to offer domains and web hosting.


The tool that enables you to login with your identikey in numerous web applications, including (Synonymous with the Federated Identity Service)


These function much like file folders on your computer. These sub-directories are one way to organize your site. Consider sub-domains as well. Learn more about the advantages and disadvantages.


A distinct, individual site off of your main site that can use its own web application ( or Subdomains are generally a cleaner, more elegant solution to organizing your site than sub-directories. Learn how to set-up sub-domains.

Web application

Software that runs on a web server, such as WordPress, Scalar, Mediawiki, Omeka or Grav.

Web server

The main computer that is associated with the hosting account. It is literally a computer that has special software on it that allows it to be accessible via the Web.


The most commonly used web application used for website design and delivery.

See also WordPress Glossary.

This glossary was adapted with permission from Plymouth Creates Terms to Know.