Glossary of WordPress Terms


Groups content into subsections or bodies of work.

Landing page

A landing page is the first page displayed when you go to a website.

Navigation menu

Headings or icons that link throughout the site.


Pages are typically static content such as an about page, CV, or background details. Pages might include subpages are hierarchical rather than chronological like posts.


Piece of software that adds new features: customized display elements, password protection, interactive functions.


Posts are periodically released articles on a site. Typically, these are displayed in reverse chronological order.


Short description, phrase, or mission statement to introduce the site.


Keywords or topics that reoccur and may group or link between like content.


Determines overall structure and look of your site, including fonts, layouts, navigational structure. Themes are typically built for specific purposes, but most may be customized.


Name of your site.


A small component that performs a specific function to display content.

Adapted from Coventry University ‘Design Your Own Domain: Plan your WordPress Site with Paper’ licensed under CC0.

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