Accessible Themes for WordPress

As you start the process of creating your own website, choosing the right theme will set you up for success. It is easy to become overwhelmed by the sheer number of themes available to you. The purpose of this document then, is to help you understand what themes are available for different uses. Whether you intend to use your domain to write a blog, supplement a class, create a digital portfolio, create a business page, or more, there is a wordpress theme that will perfectly suit your needs. We have compiled a list of themes we recommend in order to help you decide which one is best for you.

If you choose not to use one of the themes we recommend, consider these four elements as you select your own theme.

1. Readability: you will want to choose a theme that has a font that is consistent and easy on the eyes. Stay away from ‘cute’ fonts, which may be harder to read. Also consider the amount of white space your theme provides. You don’t want to overwhelm your site’s visitor with too much information all at once.

2. Customization: what level of customization does your theme allow? This is entirely up to you. The nice thing about a theme is that it does not take much effort to make your site look nice. However, as you pick a theme take note of what you can take control of in order to make your site truly your own.

3. Mobile Design: In an increasingly mobile world, there is a large amount of the population that will view your website from a mobile device. As you look for a theme, ensure that it is mobile compatible.

4. Word Press Compatibility: Since you are finding these themes on wordpress, they are compatible with the site, however, not all themes are compatible with WordPress updates. This is easy to check, so make sure that the theme you choose is able to receive those updates

These two sites have great recommendations for Accessible themes