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This blog was part of a class assignment for Professor Christopher Haynes’ Topic in Popular Culture class. The assignment was to pick a current fandom and elaborate ob it based on specific guidelines for the class. My work wasn’t elaborate, although it was motivating enough it get something out there. I picked Magnoila Realty, Chip and Joanna Gaines, as their homes were and are popping up all over the place. I found to be making some sort of a mark on humanity these days. With the “stay at home” / “shelter in place ordinances’, the fandom I picked may stand out to many, as the motto for the Gaines’ is “Bless your home”.

The benefit of being encouraged to make your own website is a memory and sense of gratitude I can’t replace. The academic importance of this platform in our world today has never ringed as important than it does now. It is a basic blog, although most blogs and websites are, it’s the content that captivates the audience, peers/cohorts and mentors. If my simple blog inspires anyone to be encouraged to just open up buffscreate.net, whether it’s fancy or not, it would put a little more grin to my smile.